Basics of Health IT

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The term health information technology or health IT is a broad concept that includes many different things. Some of them your health care professional may use to keep track of your health information and help deliver health care services to you. For example, an electronic health records (EHR) system and electronic prescribing are health IT tools that many health care providers use on a daily basis as they practice medicine.

Other health IT can be used by patients to become more involved in their own health care and to improve the management of ongoing health conditions. This includes a personal health record (PHR) and health care provider websites where patients can access their medical records, make appointments, pay bills, etc.

In this section of VITL's website, we'll introduce you to the various terms that often are used when discussing health IT, and show you how both Vermont and the federal government are encourging greater use of health IT tools. We'll also talk a bit about VITL's role in making Vermont a leading state for the use of health IT.

Other pages in our website provide information about how you can use health IT today to improve your health, and what is being done to ensure that your health information remains private and secure.

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Steve Larose
Vice President, External Affairs