VITL is a Vermont nonprofit that shares health information responsibly to help providers care for their patients

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Sharing health data informs better care

VITL serves the needs of Vermonters, their clinicians, public health professionals, and policymakers — every single day.

We collect health data from hospitals, health centers, independent specialty and primary care practices, laboratories, pharmacies, and more in real time, then match and standardize that data to create one health record for each Vermonter.


To securely aggregate, standardize, and share the data needed to improve the effectiveness of health care for Vermonters


To be a leader in collaboratively delivering actionable data that leads to better health

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Case Study: Vermont Chronic Care Initiative Uses VITLAccess to Help Vermonters with Health and Social Needs

Vermont Chronic Care Initiative uses VITLAccess to help Vermonters in need of health and social support. The impact? Nurse care managers have easy access to aggregated patient records and medications, which results in better outcomes for Vermonters. 

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Delivering health information for Vermonters is joyful work

VITL is a local nonprofit organization with a small, passionate team working to ensure that health information is securely available when and where it is needed most. 

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Protecting patient health information is our focus

The foundation of our work is the security of patient data and ensuring appropriate access to that data. This includes honoring patients’ rights and preferences.

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