Case Studies

Vermont Chronic Care Initiative Uses VITLAccess To Help Vermonters in Need of Health and Social Support

Angie White, RN, CCM, can meet her patients in a parking lot, a motel room, or the emergency department — wherever they need. This flexibility is especially important on her patients’ most challenging days. Angie is a senior nurse case manager with the Vermont Chronic Care Initiative (VCCI). She and her colleagues spend their days providing holistic, intensive, and short-term case management services to Vermont residents with complex health and social needs.

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Saving Lives with Data: EMS Harnesses VITLAccess for Exceptional Emergency Care in Vermont

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies stand as a cornerstone of Vermont communities, encompassing 167 ambulance and first responder agencies supported by approximately 3,000 licensed EMS practitioners. From treating minor medical concerns to handling critical situations like cardiac arrests and severe trauma from accidents, the breadth of EMS services is extensive and important. For many, their essential role in their communities is being supported through the accessibility and availability of health data from VITL. 

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