Current RFPs & RFIs

VITL values the relationships we maintain with our vendors. Listed below are all open and current RFPs.

If you or your organization would like to participate in VITL’s RFP process, please review the relevant RFP information below. Any additional questions can be directed to Heidi Banks, Business Operations Manager, at

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with VITL to ensure excellence in health care information exchange for all Vermonters.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Liability Insurance Brokerage Services for VITL

VITL seeks a brokerage firm and representative insurance brokers who understand VITL’s unique position as the nonprofit operator of the Vermont Health Information Exchange and its complex backdrop of risks and contractual requirements. Click here for complete RFP and additional information.

Deadline for vendors to submit proposals: May 15, 2024, 5 pm Eastern Time. Submit your proposal via email to the VITL point of contact at the email address provided below.

Correspondence: Any correspondence including proposals submitted should be directed to the VITL point of contact at the email address provided. To ensure timely processing of correspondence, please begin the subject line with “Liability Insurance Brokerage Services”.

Point of Contact: The sole point of contact for this RFP is listed below. Reaching out to anyone other than the primary point of contact for this RFP could be a reason for disqualification.

Heidi Banks, Business Operations Manger
RE: Liability Insurance Brokerage Services
Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL)
Suite 245
150 Dorset St. PMB 358
So. Burlington, VT 05403-6238

Deadline for Questions: All questions must be submitted to VITL’s point of contact via email by April 16, 2024, 5pm Eastern Time.

VITL Response to Questions: VITL’s response to all questions will be sent by April 30, 2024, 5 pm Eastern Time.

Vendor Selection: VITL anticipates selecting the successful vendor by May 31, 2024, 5 pm Eastern Time.

Desired Implementation Schedule: VITL’s current liability policies expire on September 1, 2024.