Strategic Framework


To securely aggregate, standardize, and share the data needed to improve the effectiveness of health care for Vermonters.


To be a leader in collaboratively delivering actionable data that leads to better health.

Focus on Our Customers

The customer’s experience is the focus of everything we deliver, including communications, products, services, and support. We are committed to understanding the needs of our internal and external customers. We achieve this understanding through proactive engagement, delivering on our commitments, and creating value for those we serve.

Tell Our Story

We actively share our story, illuminating the value of our work through dedicated communications efforts and in our everyday interactions with our customers and stakeholders. All team members tell our story, to ensure that VITL is understood as an essential component of the health care ecosystem that serves Vermonters.

Be the Go-To Partner for Exchanging Vermont's Health Information

VITL’s health information exchange platform is the primary platform for the exchange, aggregation, and access of Vermonters’ health data. Customers and stakeholders trust that Vermont Health Information Exchange data is accurate, reliable, and secure. VITL is building national recognition as a leading health information exchange.

Build a Learning Organization

We regularly engage our customers and stakeholders, our peers in other states, industry experts, and national collaboratives to learn and evolve. We foster a culture that encourages seeking out external knowledge and ideas, understanding customer needs, and applying what we learn to our work.

Ensure Sustainability

We develop and manage to a sustainable business model with a robust set of products and services, a broad customer base, and diverse revenue sources. We make decisions and investments with the intention that Vermonters will continue to benefit from health information exchange in the future.

Privacy & Security Commitment

The foundation of our work is the security of patient data and ensuring appropriate access to that data. This includes honoring patients’ rights and preferences.

In support of this commitment, VITL will:

  • Continuously review and update our security and recovery practices to ensure they align with best practices and mitigate the ever-changing threat landscape.
  • Ensure transparency about how Vermont Health Information Exchange data is shared.
  • Monitor and align to regulatory changes.
  • Maintain agreements and controls to ensure appropriate sharing of data.


Our values guide the work we do with our customers, partners, community, and colleagues.

Mission Driven: Supporting the improvement of the health of Vermonters is the foundation of all our work.

Customer Centered: We ask our clients about their needs and collaborate to design creative, meaningful solutions.

Quality Focused: We deliver accurate, reliable, and actionable data, solutions, and services.

Team Inspired: We challenge and support each other to do great work.