Board of Directors Candidates

VITL is currently recruiting candidates to join our Board of Directors.  VITL is a nonprofit organization that supports the advancement of health care delivery and reform in Vermont through the aggregation and exchange of health information. Founded in 2005, VITL is the legislatively designated operator of the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE).

VITL’s Board supports the work of VITL and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance.  Board Members also serve as active advocates and ambassadors for the organization.  VITL seeks to maintain a well-rounded Board that represents the broad scope of the Vermont health care community, including community practices, hospitals, and clinicians; patients or individuals who represent patients; health insurers licensed to offer plans in VT; the business community; and individuals familiar with health information technology or national health IT policy and trends.   The board meets for 2 hours every other month, and board members are invited to participate in committees (Technology, Finance) and work groups if they are interested.  While all interest is welcome, we are especially seeking individuals who represent stakeholder groups that are currently underrepresented on our Board, including community health centers and practices, mental health providers, long term care facilities, allied health professions, and health technologists.

This is an exciting time for VITL, as the organization continues its transition from a traditional HIE, focused on data exchange, to a health date utility, which includes expanding our partnership with the Vermont Department of Health, incorporating new data types into the HIE, such as Part 2 and Social Determinants of Health Data, and planning for robust analytic capabilities for the health care community. VITL’s vision is to be a leader in collaboratively delivering actionable data that leads to better health.  You can learn more about VITL and our work through our website and annual reports.

The board member role description provides more information about the board’s work.  If you have questions or are interested in becoming a board member please contact Beth Anderson, President & CEO, at