Your health information, shared responsibly

Having your providers on the same page means better care for you. That’s why VITL makes sure your care team in Vermont can see your important health information at the right time, and it’s kept safe. ​ 

VITL keeps your health records in one secure place called the Vermont Health Information Exchange. This includes information that’s vital to keeping you healthy, such as allergies, medications, and medical history.  

When doctors and other providers use VITL, they have the up-to-date information they need to give you and your loved ones the best care. Vermonters’ information from participating hospitals, practices, labs, and pharmacies is automatically included, which helps keep Vermont one of the healthiest states in the country. 

My Options

Talk to VITL staff 

We’re here to help. Contact our team if you have questions. We can talk about how health data sharing works, send you your record or information about who has viewed your data, or help you opt-out of letting your health care providers see your health records.



About health data sharing

VITL provides the secure network that gives health care providers in Vermont the ability to share patient health data with each other.   

All of Vermont’s hospitals, most health centers, and many doctor’s offices, pharmacies, labs, and ambulance services across the state partner with VITL. Some send data, some use data, and some do both.  

You can see our network here. 

What does that mean for me?

At VITL, we know that most Vermonters get care in more than one place. You might see a primary care provider close to home, visit a nearby pharmacy for a flu shot, and travel a few towns over to see a specialist. VITL helps all of them stay connected. And VITL is there in emergencies too. If you’re camping or visiting family on the other side of the state and need to go to the Emergency Department, your record is there. If you move, your record is there. It’s the story of your health, told by your whole care team.

Who can see my health record?

VITL is a nonprofit health information exchange. That means we help health records get to all the authorized professionals who need them to help Vermonters stay healthy and well. The providers and staff at hospitals, practices, and other organizations where you get care can use this information. Your health record can also be used by your insurance provider, by certain organizations that participate in improving the quality and cost of health care, and by the Vermont Department of Health. You can learn more about who is allowed to use VITL data in our frequently asked questions. 

What’s in my record?

Your patient record has basic information, like your name, age, and birthdate. It also includes medications, allergies, x-ray and other imaging reports, and lab results. Information about office and hospital visits, procedures, and care plans is also included. You can review your VITL record by completing a records request. 

Request Your Record

What can I do? 

You can keep sharing, decide to stop your health records in VITL from being viewed (opting-out), or start sharing again (opting-back-in). You can also request a copy of your records or a report about who has seen your information. 

Learn more about your options

For questions or more information, please call the Vermont Health Information Exchange hotline at


9am–5pm, Monday–Friday, Except Holidays

If you have questions and want to talk to a professional independent of the Vermont Health Information Exchange, please call the Health Care Advocate Helpline at 1-800-917-7787.