VHIE Consent

The Vermont Health Information Exchange operates according to an opt-out consent policy, which means that a Vermonter’s records in the Vermont Health Information Exchange are available to authorized users unless that individual has affirmatively elected not to have their health information shared in this way.

The opt-out consent policy was made possible by Act 53 of 2019 and took effect on March 1, 2020. This policy has transformed the utility of the Vermont Health Information Exchange, making essential information available for both daily patient care and to support the health care and public health systems during crises, including COVID-19.

VITL asks participating organizations to support patient education by providing information about patients’ rights and options for data sharing. Clinicians and health care organization staff can find resources to support patient education in the Consent Education Toolkit below.

VHIE Consent Education Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in helping inform Vermonters about the Vermont Health Information Exchange and individual options to participate or opt-out. You can help by sharing the following materials with your patients/clients/members.