Explore the value of Vermont’s health data network in action

VITL delivers secure, trusted health data for Vermonters every day.

This network and our services are built in partnership — over a hundred hospitals, physician practices, pharmacies, laboratories, and first responders across the state contribute to VITL and access health data delivered by VITL. The result is better informed care.

Organizations that participate in caring for Vermonters can learn more about our data contribution and data access services. Start with the information below or contact VITL to start a conversation.

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VITLAccess clinical portal

Participating health care organizations contribute data to the VITLAccess clinical portal, which provides secure, web-based access to health records for most Vermonters.

Clinicians and staff with a VITLAccess account can access records of their organization’s patients for use in treatment, payment, and health care operations. The portal is used every day to support pre-visit planning, emergency care for new patients, care management and care coordination, assessment of preventive screening needs, and more.

Please contact us with questions or to request access for your organization.

Results delivery

Lab results, radiology reports, and transcribed reports. They’re three health data types VITL delivers to the clinician who ordered them—right in their electronic health record. 

The results delivery benefit to clinicians: secure, reliable access to their patients’ data, which informs better care. The benefit to patients: better health outcomes and a better health care experience.  

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Event Notifications

Clinicians want to know when their patients visit the emergency department or are admitted to or discharged from the hospital. Real-time insight about these health events results in better care coordination and helps clinicians deliver better care for their patients. 

VITL’s event notifications help fill this need. Through VITL and partner data-sharing organizations, clinicians can send and receive admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) alerts about their patients. 

Organizations that submit ADTs to VITL automatically share those messages with our event notification partners.

VITL can provide an introduction to our event notification partners and help doctor’s offices, payers, home health agencies and other organizations subscribe to receive event notifications about their patients or members. 

Contact VITL to receive an introduction to our event notification partners.

Contributing Data

Contributing data helps hospitals, health centers, primary care and specialty practices, pharmacies, and other organizations ensure patient data is available to other clinicians and members of a patient’s care team when and where they need it. This is done with the shared goal of informing high-quality care for Vermonters.

With a single connection—or interface—to VITL, health care and other organizations can do the work of many point-to-point connections. Contributed data is made available to other health care providers, specified health reform programs, and public health professionals. That means less burden on provider organizations across the state.

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What types of data does VITL collect?

Organizations can submit the following data types to VITL: 

  • Admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) messages 
  • Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) 
  • Laboratory reports 
  • Radiology reports 
  • Transcribed reports 
  • Immunization messages 
  • Home health monitoring data

Custom Reporting

The data contributed to the Vermont Health Information Exchange is available in custom reports for authorized users. These reports can help answer questions like “how many of our members with diabetes currently have their A1c levels in control – and who do not and therefore might benefit from additional supports?” or “which of our patients are up-to-date on age- and sex- appropriate preventive screenings and who can we help with reminders?” Reach out to the VITL team to learn more about the data that is available and the possible uses.

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Immunization Registry Query & Response

VITL’s immunization registry query and response service is offered in partnership with the Vermont Department of Health and its Vermont Immunization Registry. It gives health care organizations access to Immunization Registry data from within their own EHRs. This service allows providers to pull up-to-date immunization records for a patient into the patient record and it provides a forecast for future patient immunization recommendations based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. This service is also sometimes referred to as bidirectional immunization data or query by parameter. 

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