Event Notification

Through VITL and third-party partners, providers can send and receive alerts about their patients based on admission, discharge, and transfer messages submitted to the Vermont Health Information Exchange.

Receiving Event Notifications

Knowing when a patient is in the emergency room, being discharged from the hospital, or receiving other care can inform effective care coordination among providers. Many types of providers can receive event notification through VITL and its third-party partners. For more information about event notification services, please contact vhiesupport@vitl.net.

As a result of the 21st Century Cures Act, some event notification services are available to eligible providers and organizations at no cost. Route notifications from participating hospitals are available to eligible provider types at no cost. Hospitals currently participating in Route are Copley Hospital and Northwestern Medical Center.

Organization types eligible to receive Route notifications about their patients are: skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, hospice care providers, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation hospitals / rehabilitation centers, accountable care organizations, physician organizations, federally qualified health centers, behavioral health organizations, and individual primary care clinicians.

Request Route event notifications for your practice or organization at https://patientping.com/route-vitl/.

Sending Event Notifications, for Hospitals

Hospitals are required by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Conditions of Participation to notify patient-identified primary care providers and post-acute care providers when their patients are admitted to or discharged from the Emergency Department or inpatient care. VITL offers a service in partnership with PatientPing, called Route, that helps hospitals meet this Condition of Participation using admission, discharge, and transfer messages they already submit to the Vermont Health Information Exchange. The service includes full audit support.

For more information about Route and other event notification offerings, contact vhiesupport@vitl.net