Contributing Data

VITL collects data from hospitals, health centers, primary care and specialty practices, pharmacies, and other organizations that provide health care.

Why Contribute Data to the Vermont Health Information Exchange?

For organizations that contribute data, connecting to the Vermont Health Information Exchange is a way of ensuring their patients’ data is available to other clinicians when and where they need it, informing high-quality care. Once the connection is made, the data flows without additional effort from the hospital or practice, saving time and effort fulfilling records requests. And, one data interface with the Vermont Health Information Exchange can do the work of many point-to-point interfaces with individual practices and organizations.

Types of Data VITL Collects

Organizations can submit the following data types to the Vermont Health Information Exchange:

  • Admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) messages
  • Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs)
  • Laboratory reports
  • Radiology reports
  • Transcribed reports
  • Immunization messages
  • Home health monitoring data

How to Contribute Data to the VHIE

VITL staff are available to walk organizations through the steps involved in connecting their EHR to VITL. For more information, contact