VITLAccess Clinical Portal

VITLAccess is VITL’s secure, web-based clinical portal that enables authorized users to view patient data submitted to the Vermont Health Information Exchange from participating health care organizations and from connected national health data sharing networks.

VITL launched a new VITLAccess in spring 2022. The new portal offers new data and an improved user interface, so clinicians and staff can quickly locate essential information in more comprehensive patient records.

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Five Reasons for the New VITLAccess

Why did VITL introduce a new VITLAccess in 2022? Over the past few years, VITL has replaced the technology behind the Vermont Health Information Exchange with all new, best-in-breed tools. The new VITLAccess takes advantage of those advancements, with benefits clinicians and staff will notice immediately:

  1. A more intuitive user interface, with quicker access to more of the data needed at point-of-care and beyond
  2. Immunization data now available from Vermont hospitals, practices, pharmacies, and the Vermont Immunization Registry
  3. Better patient matching, for more comprehensive patient records
  4. Ability to print or download multiple results or documents at once
  5. More data pulled out of clinical documents and organized in easy to navigate widgets and tabs

Sign up for VITLAccess

Organizations interested in signing up to use VITLAccess can contact us. The portal may be used for purposes of treatment, payment, and operations by organizations that provide health care. Before gaining access, organizations must sign a VITL Vermont Health Information Exchange Services Agreement and establish a VITLAccess Local Security Officer. The VITLAccess Local Security Officer partners with VITL to ensure appropriate access, support user training, and encourage patient education about data sharing.

Individual clinicians and staff at organizations that already use VITLAccess can request a user account by contacting their VITLAccess Local Security Officer. If they do not know who their Local Security Officer is, they may contact us and the VITL Support Team will initiate the request.

VITLAccess Resources

The VITLAccess Learning Hub will offer on demand education resources including a user manual, short videos, and quick reference guides.

The VITLAccess Training page facilitates offers registration for live trainings and recorded trainings for on demand viewing.

The VITLAccess Local Security Officer page has the information and forms Local Security Officers need to manage user accounts, plan training, and more.

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